Praise Lord my dear friend,
If at all we are to come after Jesus, then we have to DENY our ability to walk by our selves or according to our human efforts BUT rather laden Him (Jesus) every WAIT ( hunger, stress, diseases, today and future problems, envy, jealous, cruelty, etc, etc) we have on us for Him to carry on our behalf.

So, if I am/ You are walking in this Spiritual Journey, never boast because I/ YOU are not the one walking but Him (Jesus) in YOU/ I. Also, know that I/ YOU are just a grafted branch on the stem and just supported according to John 15:1-27

If at all I/ YOU feel any burden in this Spiritual journey then know that I/ YOU still have WAITS and I/ YOU need to carry them unto Jesus.

Imagine you are carrying a baby with you; do you think the baby will ever feel the burden of walking/ carrying him/ her, etc apart from hunger and thirsty which might strike him/ her from time to time but also you take the initiative to breastfeed him/ her all the time. So also in this Spiritual struggle, it is Jesus to make us walk and overcome; though at times fellow men can see I/ YOU overcoming NOT through MY/ YOUR knowledge BUT because of Him (Jesus) that sits in YOU/ I that make ME/ YOU walk a Spiritual Journey and so ALL the Boast in ME/ I should not appear any where but instead ALL the Glory be directed unto the Living God through Jesus our Lord.

God bless you and gives YOU/ I the power of understanding; I pray in Jesus’s name. Amen.

God bless you.



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