What did Jesus mean when he quoted Psalm 22; Extracts from Jews For Jesus online chat

What did Jesus mean when he quoted Psalm 22, “My God, My God, why hast thou foresaken me? Why art thou so far from helping me, and from the words of my roaring….” Let’s discuss in Jews for Jesus’ chat room! NOW

The following below are some of the extracts from the Jews For Jesus Online Chat


  • Barb MacNeil Can I join from a mobile device?
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  • Demarius Oliver Prophecy
  • Cindy Beard that is when He was taking the full brunt of our sins on Himself….can’t join the chat on my phone
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  • Rhonda LivinglifeforChrist Hills The Father could not look upon the sins of the world that Yeshua/Jesus took on. Therefore, there was a brief separation of the two. Yes or no?
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  • Tommie Phipps He meant God had turned His back on Jesus the moment all of our sin was placed on Him, because God, Who is holy, cannot be in the presence of sin. This was Jesus taking the punishment of our sin for us–the punishment of God’s rejection, God’s separation from the unrepentant sinner, which Jesus took for us. Those who reject Jesus & His sacrifice for their sin will face this same punishment in the eternal death & separation from God in hell. Today is the day of salvation. Received Jesus & His sacrifice for your sin today and never, ever be separated from God!
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  • Linnea Stevenson Is there a place where I can read the rules and guidelines for your chatroom? I haven’t ever used a chatroom.
  • Patricia Rosado Abreu I cant never loggin in the chat, and they never explain, this is the second time that I ask.
  • David Giro That is when he was enduring the wrath of our Almighty God & He was cursing Him with every sin known to man. Unbearable & indescribable what that must have felt like.
  • Lee Gant It was the first time he experienced true separation from the Father because the Father does not look upon sin and he hates sin
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  • Tessa Wallace So true what u all say. We r so Blessed to serve such an amazing God who did that for us so that we would no longer be seperated from GOD.
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  • Mariphil Guelas Pindug Of course…He(Jesus)is on tht time in a human flesh,he has all senses like a human;Eventhough he knows and obeyed his mission,
  • Neg’Jahshi Melchizedek-hoodpriest Ben-Mesih Eli Eli ..ila ila…ile-ile…….hAiLLAH……(Ha-ile Selassie) power of the triunity….son of David ,…hosanna hosanna…. The conquering Lion of the tribe Yahudah. King of kings Emperor of Ethiopia. Our father. Son of the virgin queen from Ethiopia. Elect of the most High. Jah Rastafari! More love, more life. Education. Guidance
  • Alex Rivera The Eli Eli cry, meant He fulfilled prophecy. The Messianic depiction and imagery that the 22nd Psalm resonated now was revealed in HIM. Yeshua did that for a reason.. God did not leave Jesus at ANYTIME. If God will never leave us or forsake us, who are sinful compared to Jesus, how can he forsake His only Son?? This is an error of interpretation.
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  • Mariphil Guelas Pindug He has a heart of hope~MATEO 26:39.”O My Father, if it is possible,let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will, but
  • Jews for Jesus Patricia Rosado Abreu if you are having trouble, call our office in the morning and inquire
  • Mariphil Guelas Pindug as You will.”
  • Gordon Rizor I have heard that he spoke Northern Arameic, and this should have been translated: this was my destiny!
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  • Yishayahu Ben Yehudah Here is my interpretation, for what it is worth. The Jews thought he called for Elijah, why? They would not have confused Eli (I dont think) for Eliyahu, but if Yeshua actually said Eliyah (G-d is HaShem) than they would have made this confusion. But the Jewish writers were orthodox Jews writing to Greek speaking people, not wanting to write the name of G-d and thus leaving the name out. And simply translating it as “G-d”. Furthermore Sabakh is an aramaic word meaning forsaken but In my veiw Yeshua most likely spoke hebrew Zabakh in hebrew means Sacrifice this is what I think he actually said: “EliYah, EliYah Lama Zabakh thani?” why have you offered me? Now I dont think Yeshua is questioning G-d here, I think he is showing the audience before him that he is being sacrificed for their sins. And showing this to them in the form of a question. This is my interpretation. I also feel that the apostles translated Zabakh as Sabakh & as egkataleipo showing that the crucifixion fulfills the prophecy of Is.53,
  • Yishayahu Ben Yehudah But regardless of whether he said Sabakh or Zabakh I think that he is revealing what is happening to him to the audience in the form of a question. But I dont think he is questioning G-d.
  • Eddie Wellman He was not experiencing seperation.. It was not the sin that was on him, not a wrath from God.

    He was quoting psalms 22. 
    If you or I were to quote/ read from the bible we would begin by giving the chap. & verse in those days the (OT),bible did not have any chapter or verse divisions .,. You simply read or quoted the first verse and everyone knew where to go from there.. He was telling them who he really was.. 
    6. Reproach of men despised by the people 
    7. Ridiculed him shaking their heads
    8. Said ” he trusted in God , let him save him”
    13. Gape at him with mouths open 
    14. Bled out like water, bones out of joint.
    15. Strength is gone, tongue cling to his jaw, almost dead.
    16. Dogs. ( Gentiles) surrounded him .. Pierced his hands & feet.
    17. Look and stared at him
    18. Divided his garments, cast lots for it.
    19. The Lord was with him 
    20. Saved him from being killed (privately before Calvary) 
    Saved him from the death of the (Gentiles / world) 
    22. He declared the name of God to the Jews 

    When he quoted that verse he was saying this is speaking of me.. Hundreds of years before Calvary, before they even invented crucifixion David wrote of this
  • Yishayahu Ben Yehudah Heres the problem with that interpretation. David did NOT say Lama SabakhThani! He said Lama Azavthani! No one would have thought of Ps.22 who heard this! Matt says that Yeshua’s words RESEMBLE (Touto estin) “Why have you forsaken me.” Yeshua uses Touto estin when he said This is my body, this is my blood. It is a resemblance and NOT a word for word translation!
  • Dawn Cassanova Liniger This is where Jesus did feel the separation from God at that moment because Jesus fulfilled His purpose .. To be the perfect sacrifice for all our sins and God can’t be with sin..2Corth 5:32. God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God……This was the time where in order for this new covenant to be fulfilled He actually felt the separation for Our Heavenly Father ….. He became sin…If Jesus didn’t do this we all would be forever separated from Him… The beautiful thing is He was the perfect sacrifice and defeated death so death was conquered and we were given the gift Salvation !Yeah!!
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  • Yishayahu Ben Yehudah Yeshua was G-d in the flesh (1Tim.3:16) therefore he cannot actually seperate from himself but he can sacrifice (Zabakh) himself. But the Source of his manifestation HaShem Abba was inflicting the blow to him, (Is. 53) and thus there was a forsaking of a kind. Not that he turned away, because how can you strike a blow to someone and turn away from them at the same time? He was forsaking his love & Mercy temporarily toward Yeshua in Judging him on our behalf.
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  • Yishayahu Ben Yehudah If Yeshua’s sacrifice was merely the Judgment of men then we are lost because we are not accountable to men but to G-d. Therefore Yeshua was Judged and Punished by G-d on our behalf.
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  • Lucy Findley West Yeshua became sin for us. The type and shadow of the serpent on the pole from the days of Moses. G-d cannot and will not look upon sin. In essence, He took our punishment and separation from His Father, long enough to secure the keys of death, hell, and the grave. The very things mortal and sinful men could not do. had He not died in our stead, we would be lost forever. We have been paid for. So, in order for G-d to look upon us ever again, we have to wear the blood of Christ. G-d looks upon that blood as sufficient and perfect, He sees us again as His children.
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  • Yishayahu Ben Yehudah Yeshua is not questioning G-d. When Yeshua prayed to HaShem at the tomb of Eleazar, he says “I know you always hear me but for their sake I said it.” I think the same principle applies to everyword & every prayer uttered by Yeshua. It was for our benifit & from our learning. Yeshua knew that he would be Judged & sacrificied for our sins. And he says it all throughout the N.T. So this statement is Yeshua’s revealation of what is happening to him which I believe is HIS SACRIFICE (ZABAKH)
  • Yishayahu Ben Yehudah Im going to get in trouble for this next statement but it needs to be said: G-d is INDIVISIBLE. G-d cannot be seperated from G-d. Abba cannot be seperated from Ben. Yeshua is one with Abba, he must always be one with Abba. Now they are seperated only by Matter & space. (Yeshua is in a human body) but they are Never seperated in spirit. The Rauch HaKodesh is the Father and the Rauch Hakodesh inhabbits the body of Yeshua & infact is Yeshua. I have no problem with “Sabakh” IF we appropriate it correctly, that the forsaking, is a forsaking of love, Mercy, and Favor temporarily, in order to judge Yeshua on our behalf.
  • Robert Kibaya Praise Lord brothers and sisters. We all know that God and sin cannot dwell in the same place. The moment u become sinful u distance your self further from God. So, that was the very moment that Yeshua was converted into sin by simply wearing all our sins and God had to distance HIM Self from him even if he was His only begotten son and this is a very serious warning to all of us who believe in HIM Through Yeshua that he can surely forsake us no matter who we’re so long as sin begins to ruin in our mortal bodies. GOD BLESS U.
  • Robert Kibaya Praise Lord brothers and sisters. Yeshua knew no sin so it was a new life experience. We all know that God and sin cannot dwell in the same place. The moment u become sinful u distance your self further from God. So, that was the very moment that Yeshua was converted into sin by simply wearing all our sins and God had to distance HIM Self from him even if he was His only begotten son and this is a very serious warning to all of us who believe in HIM Through Yeshua that he can surely forsake us no matter who we’re so long as sin begins to ruin in our mortal bodies. GOD BLESS U.
  • Yishayahu Ben Yehudah You brought up a very good point brother, that is: when you backslide do you feel the love of G-d, the spirit of G-d, the favor of G-d? No. But you do feel the conviction of G-d’s spirit. You have been seperated but G-d is still dealing with you but now it is no longer in a favorable way. This is how we appropriate the forsaking of Moshiakh. “I (HaShem) will smite the Shepered & the Sheep will scatter.” “It pleased HaShem to crush him”…
  • Yishayahu Ben Yehudah “G-d was in Moshiakh reconciling the WORLD back to himself.” (2Cor.5:19) When? At the Cross. This verse clears up 2 major missunderstandings of Christendom today. First, that G-d himself was offered, nothing less would suffice, and no one else was capable of doing the Job. For this reason Paul says “Feed the Church of G-d, which he purchased with HIS OWN BLOOD.” And the second fallacy we make is making sin a personal moral failing rather than the Powers of the air. Sin is a force which dominates the earth. We tend to think of it as a mutation passed down from Adam, or an immoral descision. This veiw causes us to be individualistic. My sins, My salvation, My atonement. I’m not discrediting this but we need our understanding broadened a bit. Sin is a force acting upon every material thing & controlling every material thing. We did not inherit Adam’s sin. Adam sinned & gave Satan rulership of our world and we were born into Sin (a sinful atmosphere) This dominion is what Yeshua defeated on the cross…
  • Yishayahu Ben Yehudah In order to reconcile the dominion of this world Back to G-d.
  • Aaran Ratima the lord god of heavens armies had turned his face and took his holy spirit from his beloved son at time on the cross it had to be that way and thats why the king of kings lord of lords said those words because knew what had just happened
  • Yishayahu Ben Yehudah That is a gnostic veiw. It makes Yeshua no longer G-d. It divides G-d. G-d was in Messiah reconciling the world to himself.
  • Yishayahu Ben Yehudah The Gnostics believed Messiah descended upon Yeshua when he was immersed by Yokhanan in the Yardin river. They believe Messiah departed from Yeshua at the Cross. Muslims believe something very similar. The fact is that No human being can be sacrificed …See More
  • Christopher Lcpo Jamieson Lamentations 3 explains this part but these are the words he said on the cross yet 3 days latter as he said he arose again so I am pretty sure father WAS listening



One thought on “What did Jesus mean when he quoted Psalm 22; Extracts from Jews For Jesus online chat

  1. I believe JESUS meant, yes a separation Jesus as a human form fully felt the agony of the cross and sin placed upon Him cried out to the Father in spiritual experiencing that dreadful moment how sin can separate us from our Father in Heaven and the impact of being abandoned. We must remember Jesus was fully human and God. As a human he would sleep, eat ect and as God He was glorified at Mount. On the cross was Jesus the Son of God in Human form.

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