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Jerusalem was captured in 198 BC by the Seleucid (sell’ ū cēēd) Empire led by Antiochus III Epiphanes


Jerusalem was captured in 198 BC by the Seleucid (sell’ ū cēēd) Empire led by Antiochus III Epiphanes. He was rather compliant with the people of Judea, and treated them with understanding and compassion. He was followed by his ruthless son Antiochus IV. He was determined to “Hellenize” all the Yahudim. (Jews) He was quite successful, as people were very afraid. He erected statues of the sun-god Zeus in the Temple of the Most High. He even sacrificed a Pig on the Alter of Yah.

There was a certain Priest named Mattithias ben Yohanan. He had 5 sons named Yahudah, Yonatan, Yohanan, Eliazar, and Shimon. They had enough faith in the Eternal One that they dared to rise up against a standing Army! They rallied a few men of courage to join them. With the power and might of the Sovereign King of Yisra’ěl, they battled tirelessly.

Mattithias was killed in battle. His son Yahudah (Judah) took the lead. They called Yahudah “THE HAMMER” because he ran out, STRUCK HARD, and retreated to the hills and caves. They were victorious and regained control of the City of Our King. They cleansed the Temple and rededicated it to Yah Almighty!

The Family has come to be known as the Maccabees. When, in fact, Macabee is an acronym for “Mi Chamocha B’elim!” (Who is like You among the mighty ones) This entire account is found in the books of Maccabees, which used to be part of every “Bible”/Scriptures until the Apocrypha was removed.

There is no mention of one flask of oil lasting for 8 days. This is part of pagan Winter Fire worship to the sun-god Zeus! It was never incorporated until hundred of years later by a lying man. The real miracle is that a small group of men were victorious over a bloody empire. It would be like a Football Team standing against the US Army and WINNING! Yah is amazing! He is powerful! And TRUTH is awesome enough.


Our Father’s Name was removed from Scripture 6,828 times.

Our Father’s Name was removed from Scripture 6,828 times. He knew this would happen! In Yirme’yahu/Jer 23:27, He tells us that they would cause us to forget His Name for Ba’al! In Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, we find Hebrew #1167 Ba’al: Phoenician deity; THE LORD; Ba’al.

His real Name is Yahu’ah, as seen in Yirme’YAHU/”Jeremiah.” Yah as in Hallelu’YAH. (There was no “J” in any language until around 500 years ago)

Can your lips form the word Hallelu’YAH? Praise His Set-Apart Name. It is not “THE LORD.” When we know better, we should attempt to do better. Give our Father the very best of us, not merely what is left of us.