Notice the “Egyptian Sun Disc” over each birds head and “Star of David” over the Eagles head?


A brief history lesson for you. Notice the Egyptian Sun Disc over each birds head? This is a “Nimbus” or “Halo!” (Some folks wear it directly on the head!) Notice the “Star of David” over the Eagles head? Because we all know that USA is a “Jewish” country, right? Wrong… it is the Star of Chiun/Kiyyun (Amos 5:26) aka the Star of Remphan. (Acts 7:43) Notice the crucifix in the photo on the left? This was a depiction from Ancient Egypt, centuries before the birth of our Messiah. You see, the crucifix is the abbreviated symbol of the SUN! Our Messiah was executed on a “Stauros” (tree, stake, upright pole) He was hung on a tree! Gal 313, 1 Pet. 2:24, Acts 5:30, Act 10:39, among other places tells you so. The “Cross” is symbolic of Sun-god worship. Most translations stem from Jerome’s Latin Vulgate that was penned for the (Universal) Roman Catholic Church. He used the Latin word “Crux.” The Greek word “Stauros” only later was twisted to mean “cross.”


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